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The Gulf of Saint-Tropez

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The paradise of the Mediterranean’s most famous … If the village of Saint-Tropez remains the star most courted the Gulf, with Ramatuelle and Gassin, beads quieter just waiting to be discovered (Grimaud, Cogolin, etc..).
Far from the summer crowds, the villages of the Maures, backdrop of green and blue table, behind the chestnut.

Enjoy the quiet off season visit to the Gulf at your own pace, wandering from village to village, discover transhumance and lifting the cork, a lakeside explore how Venice, and why not relive the years Brigitte Bardot …

The Maures mountains

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The Massif des Maures extends between Hyeres and Frejus on 60 miles long and 30 miles wide. Covering 135,000 hectares, it is a real mountain in miniature, a fragment of a vast continent that included Corsica and Sardinia. The islands of Hyères are nothing but peaks emerging from the Mediterranean.
The Moors, « Lei Mauro » in Provençal, literally the black mountain, surprised by his rudeness. It was probably named for the dark color of its rocks and its forest.
Renowned for its chestnut groves, the Maures hills is one of the wildest and most ancient lands of Provence. It forms four long parallel bars low altitude; the highlights are the vertices of Sauvette (780 m) and Our Lady of the Angels (767 m).

Viticulture is of major importance in the region. The vine is present in the territory of almost all the municipalities of the massif (especially in the littoral zone) or surrounding the massif (Permian depression).
Almost all municipalities have their cellar-cooperative. The cellars and co-domains, often famous, market the wines (red, rosé, white) in AOC (AOC Côtes de Provence) or wines.

The village of Grimaud

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A medieval village at the seaside
Grimaud spreads the foot of the ruins of the castle is a maze of cobbled streets lined with beautiful houses with flowers.

Here everything is emotion, harmony, wholeness. One must walk in the village without specific route, enjoy the charm of its shady squares, move the porch of the church of St Michael and marvel at its richness. The windy days, you’ll be lucky to see spin and dance at the very end of the village, the wings of a beautifully restored mill.

Do not miss a visit to the lakeside town of Port Grimaud !

Port Grimaud

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Port Grimaud, often called the « Venice of Provence », is a private lakeside town located in the heart of the Gulf of St. Tropez in the village of Grimaud.

It was conceived, designed and built by Francois Spoerry, an architect Mulhousin love the sea, in 1962.
Thus was born a lakeside village facing the sea, with its colorful facades and Roman tiles, narrow streets with fantastic plots that follow the winds or the sun, a place where every house is served by a landside and a dock where you can dock his boat.
Since 2001 the lakeside village of Port Grimaud is entered in the architectural heritage of the twentieth century.

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